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Wokati Technologies Limited

The wokati oCube is the first state-of-the-art Cloud Computer of its kind.

The wokati oCube is based on the unique, compact design of the SolidRun Cubox. A 2inch plug & go, desktop device that connects to a secure Data Centre Infrastructure with unlimited compute power & storage. It comes with a beautiful, 100% compatible 24 or 27” monitor as well as a wireless keyboard and mouse.


It comes with its own fully Managed Microsoft Office and email as well as built-in Security: with anti-virus, anti-hacking, anti-phishing systems. And to top it off, it’s truly a Green Computer: running on only 2 watts! And the Datacenter that powers it is carbon neutral. We can all do our little bit for the planet.


The smallest,

The fastest,

The safest

Mini PC on the market today.


All spec/pricing:


Phone: +44 3306600369