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DreamPlug Multi Boot
Small, functional, ultra low energy! The multi Boot version allows the DreamPlug to boot into eit..
Ex VAT: £132.50
DreamPlug Power Slider
Replacement  Power slide for the DreamPlug Servers ..
Ex VAT: £1.25
DreamPlug WiFi b/g/n
Mean & Green The “DreamPlug” continues the tradition set by Global scale’s family of Plug Com..
Ex VAT: £115.83
jTAG Leads
1 set of cables for connecting the jTAG Module These are replacement sets, each jTAG module ..
Ex VAT: £4.17
JTAG Module
The  JTAG module comes with UART/RS-232 port, one mini-USB port and JTAG port for debugging and..
Ex VAT: £26.67
The Mirabox is the latest Globalscale development kit built upon Marvell’s new Armada 370 SOC chipse..
Ex VAT: £122.50
MiraBox - JTAG/GPIO board
The Mirabox JTAG/GPIO board comes with UART/RS-232 port, one mini-USB port and JTAG port for debuggi..
Ex VAT: £37.50
Power Slider
Replacement Power Cable slider for the DreamPlug Servers. This allows the IEC C7 'Figure of ..
Ex VAT: £1.25
Sheeva Dev Kit
The original SheevaPlug Development Kit The out-of-the-factory configuration, which boots Ubuntu ..
Ex VAT: £87.50
Sheeva Multi Boot
We have configured these units to boot from either the internal NAND or from one of our SD cards.&nb..
Ex VAT: £108.33
Sheeva UBIFS Dev Kit
UBIFS - Debian Squeeze. With our UBIFS version, we have configured the plug to boot Debian Sque..
Ex VAT: £91.67
SheevaPlug PSU
SheevaPlug Power Supply Installation Guide ..
Ex VAT: £10.83
SheevaPlug Slider
Power slider for the SheevaPlugs ..
Ex VAT: £1.25