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Spacer For CYN Black RPi 2 & B+

Product Code: CYN Black Spacer
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Spacer For CYN Black RPi 2 & B+
Spacer For CYN Black RPi 2 & B+ Spacer For CYN Black RPi 2 & B+
CYN Black RPi 2 & B+ Spacer
The Modular Raspberry Pi Case is designed to be fully customisable by the user, and adaptable to suit a range of requirements. The streamlined look, and adaptability makes it perfect for many applications, including: the hobbyist maker, digital signage, industrial protection, living-room & child-friendly media centres, classroom eduction, workshops and many more! All add-ons are designed to be interchangeable and can be added and removed when required.
The basic case has a stock internal headroom of 25.70mm, measured from the top of the RPi PCB to the inside of the lid, which allows many Raspberry Pi breakout boards to fit without any modifications. If the user wants to increase this headroom further, to enable the use of larger breakout boards, place protoype PCBs internally, or stack multiple boards on one another, spacers can be utilised. Spacers increase the internal height by 10mm per spacer, and can be stacked to increase the headroom further e.g. 2 spacers would be 20mm extra. Spacers can be stacked as high as needed, however longer screws are required if the case needs to be secured.
10mm Stackable Spacers Features:
  • Makes Your Case Compatible with 99% of Breakout Boards
  • Spacers Raise Internal Height by 10mm Enabling the Case to Grow with your Project
  • Spacers can be Stacked Increasing Internal Height by up to 50mm or more!
  • Great for Embedded Applications, and Hobbyist Projects


Screws Are NOT Included.