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PiHub PiHub

A high-power, reliable, USB 2.0 hub designed for the Raspberry Pi Fast, Fiesty and Fruity

  • MADE IN THE UK Manufactured & Assembled in Sheffield, South Yorkshire
  • POWER HUB Can deliver up to 3A of USB Power
  • PI POWER PORT Super-spec 1.1A (1100mA) rated port for reliable Pi Power
  • FOUNDATION ENDORSED Tested & officially endorsed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation
  • SOLID BASE PORTS 3 ports rated for 0.5A (500mA)
  • OUTSTANDING LOOKS Accurate Raspberry Pi® Logo with colours silkscreened to a durable ABS shell
  • GIVING BACK Each Hub gives a 10% donation to the Raspberry Pi Foundation to help educate the next generation of geeks

The only Foundation tested and endorsed hub for the Raspberry Pi®. Dedicated 1.1A port with enough power for the addition of mobile phones, hard drives and other power-hungry peripherals. The hacker’s friend for experimenting with robots, motor, amplifiers and other power electronics.

  • USB 2.0 compliant
  • 5.2V = Above-spec supply for voltage-drop protection
  • 4 downstream ports = support high-speed (HS), full-speed (FS), and low-speed (LS) traffic
  • 1 upstream port = supports both high-speed (HS) and full-speed (FS) traffic
  • Dimensions = 76.64 x 60.87 x 21 mm (3.02 x 2.40 x 0.83 in)
  • Backward compatible to USB specification Revision 1.1
  • Efficient power consumption
  • Stand-alone USB hub

10% of the sale price of the PiHub is donated to the Raspberry Pi Foundation.
Raspberry Pi® and the Raspberry Pi Logo are registered trademarks of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.