RPi B+ Starter Kit

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RPi B+ Starter Kit
RPi B+ Starter Kit RPi B+ Starter Kit RPi B+ Starter Kit
Bundle Includes:
  • Model B+ "Made in the UK"
  • Choice of  Case,
  • Multinational 5V 2A power adapter,
  • 8Gb SD card with “NOOBS” pre installed!

NOOBS = New Out Of Box Software, it is a way to make setting up a Raspberry Pi for the first time much, much easier.

Operating Systems on the Card:

  • Raspbian    -       The recommended OS for the Pi
  • RaspBMC    -      Media centre software optimized for the Pi
  • Pidora        -       Fedora remix optimized for the Pi
  • OpenELEC -       Media centre software
  • RiscOS       -      Good for users to experiment and tinker.
  • ArchLinux   -       simple and powerful for competent Linux users

For more accessories: A range of fully tested accessories are also available.