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XMAG Magnetic Micro-USB Cable

Brand: Lexuma
Product Code: XMAG-MUC-CB-LITE
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XMAG Magnetic Micro-USB Cable
XMAG Magnetic Micro-USB Cable XMAG Magnetic Micro-USB Cable

XMAG Magnetic Micro-USB Cable

Is charging your mobile device a hassle? Getting disconnected, through easily broken USB cables or loose connectors on your device a common and irritating problem?

XMAG is the ideal solution for you!  XMAG is a Magnetic USB Charging Cable for a wide variety of products including Android and Apple devices, such as Samsung, LG mobiles and tablets, iPhone and iPad.


  • Design especially for Android devices
  • Magnet on both adapter tip and XMAG cable: You can simply snap XMAG cable onto the phone easily
  • Reversible Plug: Plug either side of cable onto phone port for charging and data.
  • Light indicator: Indication of charging mode.  This will also help you to locate your phone or XMAG cable in the dark
  • Dust proof design: World-smallest adapter tip prevents dust in your phone port, and can be fitted into majority phone cases.


Magnet Technology

A neodymium magnet provides magnetic power at a temperature as high as 200 degree Celsius.

There is a Neodymium magnet on both the adapter tip and the head of the cable

The tip plugs into the charging port of the mobile device and then simply snap the cable onto the mobile device

The XMAG cable utilizes the highest class of magnet in the industry. This ensures the stability of XMAG cable over other existing cables.


You can see the Xmag in action by following the link below: