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Infrared Remote Control

Brand: Cubieboard
Product Code: IR remote
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Infrared Remote Control
Infrared Remote Control Infrared Remote Control

Infrared Remote Control is a very frequently-used device in human-machine operation interface, especially in Andorid system. CubieBoard series is open source hardware will can  support Android and lots of Linux distributions. All the CubieBoards can support keyboard and mouse computer peripherals. But in some application occasionl, such a living room entertainment, infrared Remote Control is very low cost and traditional controller choice. 

All the Android system images support Cubietech’s  infrared Remote Control. Usually you don’t need to do any other development work. If you want to redefine the key functions,some easy configration modification is needed.   

Product Introduction 

Infrared Remote Control, using it to control CubieBoards remotely through IR interface on-board. If you have a monitor, a CubieBoard, a remote control, you can build an intelligent television system. By using the remote control, you can more easily control CubieBoard, and get the better user experience.