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CubieScreen-Module CubieScreen-Module

Cubiescreen is made by Ybmaker team especially for the cubieboard2/cubieboard1 open source hardware. It is a small accessory / add-on board for CubieBoards. It can be used with CubieBoard1 and CubieBoard2.

Product Introduction

This board consists of 2 layers PCB, a piece of 3.5 inch, 800*400 resolutions LCD module comes with touch panel. Both of them form a complete product that very easy to use. When it is used with Cubieboard1/2, you just need to plug it into Cubieboard via 96 pin expansion header.  So that it immediately becomes an all-in-one tiny computer with a display. 

The Ybmaker team and Cubieboard team supplied some Android and Linux demonstration images/ROM. We also supply the source code and user guide for you to do it yourselves. 

Product Features

1. LCD size:      3.5 inch 
2. LCD resolutions:      800*480
3. Touch panel:      Capacitive Touch
4. Others:      Some expansion rest pins for experiment and test

Other Specifications

Operating Temperature:      -10℃~55℃
Environment Friendly:   RoHS
Packing Weight:      100g
Product size:      95mm*59.5mm*10mm
Packing:      Environmental protection small carton


Technical Website:

Resources and Materials 1:

Resources and Materials 2: