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Author Topic: Dreamplug package contents  (Read 12828 times)


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Dreamplug package contents
« on: 22 April 2011, 03:44:10 pm »

The production Dreamplug differs slightly from our pre-production model.

The box isn't as pretty as the Sheevaplug box:

Open it up and you'll see the Dreamplug in the upper tray. If you purchased a JTAG, this will be in the recessed area on the left of the Dreamplug:

The cables etc aren't such a tight fit as they are in the Sheevaplug package:

Contents list:
  • 1. Dreamplug
  • 2. Detachable AC-DC Power Supply Unit
  • 3. Detachable DC-DC Power Cable
  • 4. Detachable AC Slider
  • 5. Detachable AC Power Cord Adapter
  • 6. AC Power Cord
  • 7. Protective Slide Cover for DreamPlug
  • 8. Protective Slide Cover for Power Supply Unit
  • 9. Ethernet Cable
  • 10. Globalscale Warranty Card
  • 11. Quick Reference Guide
  • 12. External JTAG Debug Module (optional item)

We also supply EU power accessories, in which case items (4) and (6) will be EU versions.

To use directly in a wall socket (not illustrated), attach the AC Slider (4) to the PSU (2) and you're ready.

Alternatively, attach the Power Cord Adapter (5) to the PSU (2) and the mains cable (6) connects your wall socket to the Dreamplug and PSU.

Or, you can separate the Dreamplug from the PSU as per the pictures below, using items (3), (5), (6), (7) & (8 ). The Dreamplug and PSU slide apart:

For comparison, Dreamplug and USB stick (you'll also notice in the image below that an SD card doesn't stick out from the Dreamplug the way that it does on a Sheevaplug). (The SD card isn't included in our standard Dreamplug package; the 2G micro-SD card that has the kernel and O/S is internal):

The sliders cover the electrical connections on the Dreamplug and PSU, leaving a square hole for the DC cable:

Then join together with the DC cable. Here we see the UK AC Slider (4) attached to the PSU, ready to be plugged into the mains:

Here we see the AC Power Cord Adapter (5) and AC Power Cord (6) used instead of AC Slider (4):

A close-up of the 4 LEDs:

On the pre-production model there was text adjacent to each socket. On the production model, mostly there are icons instead of text.

On the pre-production model the left-hand ethernet socket was identified as eth0, and the right-hand one as eth1. In the production version they are not differentiated:

Opening up the Dreamplug to access the micro-SD card is a doddle. The micro-SD card is on a mini board that is attached to the inside of the base (not pictured, but no different to the pre-production model). The image below (like all the images on this page) is resized in HTML to 1/2 its actual size; right click and "View image" to see it at highest resolution.

Lift the board away from the case and here we have the underside of the board:

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Re: Dreamplug package contents
« Reply #1 on: 24 April 2011, 08:27:32 pm »

The micro-SD card is on a small board that is attached to the base of the Dreamplug:

To remove the micro-SD card, slide the metal frame that holds it in place away from the wide end of the micro-SD card. It should move about one millimetre (to the right, comparing the photos above & below):

Then flip back the metal frame on its hinge and remove the micro-SD card:

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Re: Dreamplug package contents
« Reply #2 on: 02 May 2012, 02:40:04 pm »

is it possible to change micro-SD card?
ex: Kingston 16GB Micro SD


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Re: Dreamplug package contents
« Reply #3 on: 16 March 2014, 03:21:48 pm »

The micro-SD card is on a small board that is attached to the base of the Dreamplug:

Note that the card holds a "DesirePlug" mark ;-)
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